Are you 18 or 88, why go to The Raspberry Cannoli Cabaret?

Whether you’re 18 or 88 The Raspberry Cannoli Cabaret will have something for you. First and foremost it will have great entertainment from internationally and nationally respected professional performers and artistes. The standards set are high and Mister Jack hopes that guests will rise to the same levels.

Cabaret performers, burlesque performers will perform to live music, something that both musicians and performers are always excited about. This is a key point of difference from other Cabaret Burlesque shows or Jazz nights.

The Raspberry Cannoli Cabaret is about bringing together guests from all walks of life and providing them with an environment that they cannot experience all the time. A place where they have the excuse to dress up and it not be a wedding. To experiment with new styles and fashion, experience great live music and performance of acts they would not usually be able to see without heading off to the bright lights of the city with it’s associated high expense.

Guests seeking glamour and sophistication, whose aspirations can be explored will love The Raspberry Cannoli Cabaret. Sipping cocktails, sharing a bottle of wine, dancing, laughing and spending time away from the reality of the day to day grind. Where groups can celebrate anniversaries, birthdays, engagements and promotions.

It’s not a seedy joint, a place of ill-repute or dodgy back street club. This is for guests who enjoy or seek to enjoy something better. The guests will make the event a true spectacle with their dress style, behaviour and engagement with the concept. It’s not just theatre, it’s not just a stage set, guests imaginations should be tickled.

The Raspberry Cannoli Cabaret tickets are on sale now via Eventbrite

“Create your own memories” “Glamour and Sophistication”