What is The Raspberry Cannoli Cabaret by Mister Jack?

The Raspberry Cannoli Cabaret is an evening consisting of theatrical show, musical performance and informal dancing and performance. It’s a mix, a cocktail of entertainment in a relaxed style for guests to immerse themselves into.

This begins by encouraging guests to ‘dress to impress’, to take part in the theme and style of the evening. It’s an early 1960’s New York old style nightclub schtick, the peak of the Mafia era, when wise guys and gals controlled everything yet about to decline into the seedy chaos of the 1970’s and fall during the 80’s and 90’s.

The Mafia wise guys dress sharply, in suits and jackets with obligatory wide band fedoras, mean-rimmed trilbies and classic homburgs. Colours vary, suits are sharp. Button holes, good shoes and subtle accessories top the look. A good hat, solid suit and plenty of attitude.

The ladies dazzle, full of bling and glitz. Big hair, back combed, figure hugging outfits. faux-fur, killer stiletto, high heels, curves and glamour, The wife, the mistress, the girlfriend and the mothers and sisters of the mob, supporting their men, the power behind the fist. Sophisticated, well groomed and out for a good time.

For all dressed using a classic Italian style with an American twist.

The evening commences with cocktails available from Mister Jack’s Cocktail bar, a themed cocktail, plus plenty of fizz and spirits. Guests mingle and eye up their fellow guests, they settle into the vibe, with a music of the period setting the mood.

Then the show, the ‘formal’ element of the evening begins. Ray Gelato & The Giants take the stage with MC for the evening Chastity Belt, ‘The First Lady of Frivolity’ close at hand. Group performances from The Folly Mixtures with Ray and the guys, song, comedy and audience interaction from Chastity. Old style with a hint of danger. Individual performances from fire to circus with traditional burlesque and pin up dance routines. All with Ray and the band.

If you’ve never heard of Ray Gelato before be prepared to be smacked in the face with a full on set of numbers that you’ll instantly remember and some you’ll just love forever. With 30 years in the business this is an artist who knows his craft inside out.

A short interval, for refreshment, conversation and comfort allows guests to pause and breathe in the performances they have seen so far and prepare for the second half of the evening.

Unlike other cabaret burlesque evenings this is when guests can get involved. Ray and The Giants return to the stage for another set. Those foot tapping guests become dancers and take to the floor to let their hair down. There may be surprise performances, there may be guests and performers dancing side by side, happiness and great vibe. This isn’t sleepy jazz, it’s swing jazz, full on.

The performers, musicians, technicians, staff teams and guests will make the evening. Guests in their finery, dressed up. The professionals doing what they do best. A evening to escape the realities of the real world. Guests will bring the evening together.

And when the band depart the stage, the performers taking a final bow, guests making for their carriages, there will still be music, until the last guest departs.

Live music, live performance, relaxed, informal atmosphere, something guests might not have ever experienced before, something new.

“Create your own memories” – “Glamour and Sophistication”

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