1. Cookies, IP addresses & Non-personal information

1.1 Mister Jack may collect and store information about your visit on an anonymous, aggregate basis. This information may include the time and length of your visit, the pages you look at on our sites, and the site you visited just before coming to ours. We may also record the name of your Internet service provider, browser type, and country of origin. Mister Jack uses this information to measure site activity, to develop ideas for improving our site(s) and, where we observe a particular area of interest, and your business domain name is visible to us, additional information may be offered or sent to you.
1.2 In addition cookies are used. A cookie is a small file that is stored on your computer when you visit a website. If you visit the website again, it is recognised as a repeat visit by means of the cookie. The cookie contains a unique number but no personal data. We therefore cannot and would not use the cookie to identify you personally. Furthermore, the cookie cannot be used to identify you on websites of third parties. You can configure your web browser to refuse cookies, to delete cookies, or to be informed if a cookie is set. You can find out how to do this by clicking “help” on your browser menu.

2. Privacy Statement

2.1 Your data is incredibly important to you and to Mister Jack. Mister Jack uses and stores your data for fulfilling a contract with you to manage your event or private dining, and/or for marketing with your consent. You may withdraw consent for marketing at any time.

3. What does Mister Jack collect?

3.1 To enable Mister Jack to manage your event we will ask you to provide personal details such as: – Name – Email Address – Postal Address – Payment details – Guest names
3.2 For marketing Mister Jack collects: – Name – Email address

4. What does Mister Jack do with your data?

4.1 Mister Jack will never pass or sell your data except where a third party requires the data to provide communications as part of our normal service.
4.2 We use cookies on our website – partly to provide basic web services and partly to help us monitor and track website usage through Google Analytics.

5. Your rights

5.1 You have the right to have inaccurate personal data rectified or removed – if you would like to do so please contact Mister Jack
5.2 You have the right to stop marketing at any time. You can just click Unsubscribe on any email you are sent or let us know at any time by contacting Mister Jack

6. How secure is your data?

6.1 Mister Jack undertakes to secure your data as much as possible.