Benjamin Louche

Benjamin Louche winner of ‘Best Host’ at the 2014 London Cabaret Awards (shortlisted in 2012 and 2013), Benjamin is a cabaret & burlesque host, compère, ringmaster and emcee specialising in the anomalous, the deviant and the preternatural.

Co-producer of the infamous Double R Club, Louche is a bon viveur, bawler, brawler and bastard, has been charming, disarming and alarming, seducing and serenading the UK cabaret scene since 2009.

“Benjamin Louche is one suave maniac… unsettling and hilarious.” – This Is Cabaret.

Louche compères with a unique and theatrical mix of hyperbole, mania and, if required, a selection from a repertoire of idiosyncratic songs ranging from The Cramps to Bowie, to Tom Waits and which may even involve a megaphone.

“as rakishly sordid as his name suggests… He commands, nay, demands your attention and before you realise what is happening, Louche has you in the palm of his hand “ – 21st Century Burlesque

Louche is available for bordellos, weddings, bar mitzvahs and children’s parties, political assassinations, hoedowns, lowdowns, hostage situations, Mexican standoffs, house fires, earthquakes, jumble sales, crime sprees and all of your common-or-garden end of the world scenarios.