Opportunities – Corporate, Private, Public.

Mister Jack suggestions; ‘Old Style Night Club’, ‘Supper Club’, ‘Country House Party’, ‘Summer Party’, ‘Christmas Party’, ‘Celebration’, ‘Party’, ‘Birthday Party’, ‘Anniversary Party’, ‘Product Launch’, ‘Wedding Reception’, ‘Fashion Shoot’, ‘Private Yacht’, ‘Private Members Club’, ‘Corporate Event’, ‘Charity Night’, ‘Award Ceremony’, ‘College Ball’, ‘May Ball’, ‘Garden Party’, ‘Masquerade Ball’, ‘Circus Night’, ‘Festival’, ‘Halloween Party’, ‘Vegas Show’, ‘Moulin Rouge’, ‘Casino Night’, ‘Hunt Ball’, ‘Shoot Dinner’, ‘Black or White Tie Dinner’, ‘Formal Dinner’.

Prospective private or corporate clients wishing to discuss their specific or private event are encouraged to contact Mister Jack and attend a public ticketed event.