Good times, Goodfellas and the birth of The Raspberry Cannoli Cabaret…

Last summer after the dust had settled on three wonderful shows thoughts and ideas turned to the next Mister Jack public event. What would it be? A number of incredibly strong ideas were discussed and begun to be fleshed out, they remain possibilities for future events.

It was obvious that people had had a good time and this is what Mister Jack is all about. Over a lunch with Ray Gelato a few ideas were discussed and one that got all excited was developing a second show to compliment ‘A Night at The Red Riviera’ show which Ray and his band The Giants had performed in.

‘The Red Riviera’ is a West Coast, Las Vegas style show, (“a Las Vegas on heels…”) so let’s move across to the East Coast, New York, the city and the mob A good time for goodfellas and beautiful gals. The Raspberry Cannoli Cabaret was born.

Mister Jack loves a good film, amongst other creative art forms, they provide so much inspiration for event ideas, so what better excuse than to start with some classic gangster and mob films.

Martin Scorcese delivers some of the finest with ‘Goodfellas’ in some eyes regarded as the pinnacle of the genre. (a discussion that could last forever) In ‘Goodfellas’ the wise guys and their wives and mistresses socialise in places like the Bamboo Lounge, Suite Lounge, Salerno’s restaurant, Neir’s Tavern and The Copacabana club.

Here they eat, drink and plan their nefarious activities as well as enjoying ragging each other and showing off. The guys are sharply dressed in suits and slacks, the women beautiful in the dresses and outfits of the period. Each trying to out do the other with sparkle and glamour.

Good times, they were a family, their families mixed and all this created and reenforced an enlarged or extended family.

The Raspberry Cannoli Cabaret will not mimic anything but provide an environment for guests to dress up, dance, have some cocktails and enjoy the company of old friends and new.

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