‘The Godfather – Pt 1′ (1972 – Francis Ford Coppola)

Not as good as the sequel but still fantastic, the definitive mafia film? So much could be said, so much has been written. Here though it has played a significant part for Mister Jack.

Wondering where the inspiration for the name of The Raspberry Cannoli Cabaret comes from? Well this one short scene started things off –

‘A Bronx Tale (1993 – Robert De Niro)

Based on the play written by Chazz Palminteri of his life growing up in the Bronx this film tells the story of the temptation of organised crime, where it can lead and the ramifications. Starring Palminteri as local mafia boss Sonny, Lillo Brancato Jr. takes on the role of Cal, (based on Palminteri as a young boy) with Robert De Niro playing Cal’s father.

Father versus Mob boss, good versus bad, the contrasts obvious. De Niro taking on the role of director for the first time, sensitively crafts a coming of age drama set against the back drop of early 1960’s New York in the Bronx.

Here the urban style of the early 1960’s and the mob inspires The Raspberry Cannoli Cabaret.

‘GoodFellas’ (1990 – Martin Scorsese)

Regarded by some as the finest in the genre of organised crime, mafia or mobster films the film demonstrates the craft of Martin Scorsese who has spent his career exploring the subject. The film is based on the book ‘Wiseguy’ by Nicholas Pileggi and told in a narrative style following the life and career of Henry Hill, a real life mob associate, from 1955 to 1980.

The strongest message from the film is that of belonging to a ‘family’, the relationships between friends and family. It has an attitude.

The tracking shot of Ray Liotta and Lorraine Bracco entering The Copacabana Club using steadicam was shot in a continuous take, with only 8 takes being necessary to secure the final cut. The Copacabana Club created on screen has inspired The Raspberry Cannoli Cabaret.

Scorsese uses music throughout the film to reenforce the narrative and guide the tale through 25 years. This importance of music is fundamental to the live music chosen for The Raspberry Cannoli Cabaret

Finally, the style, taking us from the late fifties through the seventies. The changing cuts of suits and dresses, hats and shoes all should guide guests attending The Raspberry Cannoli Cabaret as to what to wear.

Watch the entrance to The Copacabana Club here –


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