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Book now – “The Raspberry Cannoli Cabaret”

PRESS RELEASE – The Folly Mixtures  PRESS RELEASE – Ray Gelato & The Giants 

“The Raspberry Cannoli Cabaret” where ladies dazzle and wise guys meet.

Mister Jack is launching the “The Raspberry Cannoli Cabaret” a New York, Italian-American club. Live music and live cabaret performance come together for an evening of spectacle, dancing, cocktails and so much more.

The “Godfather of Swing”, Ray Gelato and The Giants will perform a sensational musical set supported by mesmerising dance, cabaret and burlesque performances from The Folly Mixtures and more to be announced.

Escape to “The Raspberry Cannoli Cabaret” where style, big hair, hats, pizzazz, bling and happiness are compulsory.

Dress code “New York – Italian American – 1960’s – Wise Guys ‘n Gals – Hats – Bling”

“Glamour,  Sophistication, Escapism” – “Create your own memories”