Three reasons why you should convince your boss to go to “The Raspberry Cannoli Cabaret” for your staff social

Do you work in Norwich? Want to do something fun on your next staff social? You’ve come to the right place.  Finding a good venue for your staff social is always difficult, and Mister Jack hears you. Here are three reasons why you should convince your boss to go to Mister Jack’s event, “The Raspberry Cannoli Cabaret”, for your staff social:

1. Something for everyone

The beauty of a Mister Jack public event is that there are many diverse elements of each evening. If Sandra from accounts is a fan of watching some mesmerising burlesque, Mister Jack has it. If Michael in sales likes to relax and listen to some smooth jazz, Mister Jack is for him. And if you just want to drink cocktails and dance the night away, Mister Jack is for you. There’s something for everyone there, so you can’t go wrong!

2. Within budget

“The Raspberry Cannoli Cabaret” is currently selling at the spectacular early bird price of £20.18. This price includes seeing Ray Gelato & The Giants, who have performed privately for both Paul McCartney and the Queen, as well as the sexy burlesque group The Folly Mixtures. You can also expect some other fantastic announcements in the next few weeks which will leave you wondering why your boss hasn’t bought you all tickets yet!

3. New York, 1960s style club in Norwich!

This Mister Jack event will see a normal venue in Norwich be transformed into a 1960s, New York, Italian-American style club where dressing up in bling and pizzazz is a must! It is very rare to find something as special as this in East Anglia, yet here is one right on your doorstep, how can your boss resist?! Make him an offer he can’t refuse.

Come to “The Raspberry Cannoli Cabaret”, where ladies dazzle and wise guys meet. Get your boss to book tickets for your next staff social at the OPEN Norwich on 5th May 2018 here.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions about the event.